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DESCRIPTION: Over at ye olde New York TimesSlate alumna Amanda Hess has a new article on the insane difficulties Asian Asian Woman On Slate face in trying to score leading roles in film and television. So has Aziz Ansari, who Asian Woman On Slate the issue in a vivid and heartfelt way in his Netflix series Master of None and in a Times op-ed that appeared last fall. The march of progress is inevitable, yada yada yada.

Ayn Elayis: Why the hell are people comparing Italian women to Mexican sluts? Mexican girls are major whores, Italian chicks are only drama queens but no nearly as trashy as Mexican girls.

Avocadoe-: Makes more of a difference on the person then the language

Kim Andrew: How about the fact that turkish people are extremly loud? :D

Lisi Shan: Imagine when you are saying that you're from some nothern part of Russia (born or raised or whatever). OOO, Siberia they say, bears, valenki and all this stuff. No matter that there are other parts that can be geographically not related to Siberia)

Ching Yau: Hey all let's all watch until the end when I make a point to say . wait for it. I couldn't get all the countries represented. Even the ones I did find came with a LOT of work as this is filmed in Toronto. Clearly people are under the illusion that there is a lot of budget for these videos and that I'm able to fly anywhere I want at the snap of my fingers . yes.

SEERVI MEDIA: Thanks to these video series, which im enjoying more than I thought I would, in mere minutes, i'm learning which types of women to avoid attempting to date, based on cultural background and race. So far, i'm leaning towards Brazilian.

RCPRO B: When she has no money

Rachel Marie: I hope there is a next video for the sexist language instead of accent

Alana G: Ok no mafia reference.

Holly B: One breath: everybody's superficial

NB GOODISCORE: You can tell the women are attracted even when they say they aren't, by when they put their hands to their mouths. It's what is called a submission signal. That or playing with their hair.

Demon Child: Would most definitely like to date an English woman because I LOVE the accents (especially Estuary English), but with this girl I couldn't tell because she was mumbling and talking really fast the whole time, sometimes she sounded Australian.

Noha 101: Oh my god, this is soooo hilarious I am russian and soo truuue

Cevriye Olbay: Waiting on videos for American, Bulgarian, Iranian, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, and for many Arabic countries

S1rpete R: Ok but, no. I think an actual Colombian girl wouldn't have agreed to play this, it's just not accurate in the least. I'd know.

Emna Najar: My Nigerian ex taught me to say mo nife re which means I love you in Yoruba. He didn't eat tons of meat. He was a fish guy.

Lazy Pup: She appears to be smarter than a dumb British girl but turns out to be even dumber than Susan Sarandon.

Minako Play: That burgular sounds like finnish word perkele.

Robbie Arroyo: Is is so correct

Shanneyp1: The way the Indian guy starts talking is so spot on.

WHITE Slip: Jag pratar svenska

Silvia Zervu: You should've done accent from east London FAM yo know like the shanking and that

Zach Tester: That Rodrigo needs to shut the fu up fr

C. Bahij: Doesn't matter if your bald, ugly, old, missing a leg, or whatever, romanian women will be interested in men from western society, especially if you show them some money, even if you're poor as f*ck actually, they'll immediatelly assume you're some rich bastard, as long as you are not a romanian man you'll get some action ; they stick to western man like flies to sh*t

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22 Jan See also: The "Hottest Women of the 21 Century" list in February's GQ. Next to the main breakdown of attractive women, the magazine had separate categories for “Hottest Indian Chick,” “This Year's Hottest Chinese Chick,” and even “Hottest Pregnant Sri Lankan.” “The seemingly arbitrary racial callouts. 22 Jul Read Prudie's Slate columns here. A: From the sound of your letter your husband is not Asian, so it's a bit of a shock to hear that after many years of marriage he is just discovering that Asian . A: It's kind of a miracle this woman doesn't have her own entry in the CDC's mortality and morbidity statistics. 27 May Over at ye olde New York Times, Slate alumna Amanda Hess has a new article on the insane difficulties Asian Americans face in trying to score leading r The gap between Asian immigrant women and native-born white women is even bigger: The former are three times as likely to have been STEM.

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  • 22 Jul Read Prudie's Slate columns here. A: From the sound of your letter your soothe is not Asian, so it's a bit of a shock to hark that after myriad years of integration he is honorable discovering that Asian . A: It's kind of a miracle this wife doesn't have her own entry in the CDC's mortality and morbidity statistics.
  • Long denominate receivables are those receivables, which will-power be received after a year.
  • 19 May I am an ethnically Chinese man who is married to a white woman. Her family has back number very welcoming toward me, but, on occasion, they soundless say racially irrelevant things to me. They make “Chinese fire drill” jokes, suggest I disregard birthday cards in Chinese, and summon inquire my wife if she's comfortable being.
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  • 19 Sep Prudie advises a woman who was mortified to review the true estimate why her fiancé doesn't want to have a son. By Mallory Be familiar with Prudie's Slate columns here. I was mortified when I read his true reason for not wanting a son is that my “Asian genes” would mean his son would have a “small package!.
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Asian Woman On Slate
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29 Nov Please send your questions for publication to [email protected] (Questions My wife, who is infertile, and I have recently decided to have children—we'd like eventually to have three—using an egg donor. How generous of you not to have a “problem” with the fact that you married an Asian woman. 20 Jul I grew up in Silicon Valley, home of Apple, Google, and the new American dream, a place where almost all my friends had Asian immigrant parents. I also go to Harvard, which is . It wasn't until after high school that I befriended a white girl, who shared my interest in literature. I wish I had met her earlier. 13 Aug The latest issue of Marie Claire has an article by Ying Chu on the supposed phenomenon of "Asian trophy wives." The basic premise of the piece is that several recent instances of young, beautiful Asian women getting involved with older, rich white dudes-e.g., Wendi Deng and Rupert Murdoch, Ziyi Zhang.

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